all the work I’m doing at the moment i cant show anyone, so here is this llil character 
The fight for renewable energy.
Quick free time sketch at work
2nd portrait.  
Quick WIP pic of one of the portrait commissions I’m doing outside of work.
Study from life, oil on canvas board
Little study from life while she worked

Oil on canvas test square
Illustration I painted for a Unit9 promotional poster to give to clients. End product is allot different so I thought I would share just the original illustration.
I have drawn so so many storyboards of people wearing the oculus. Its getting a bit ridiculous.
You can see the rest of my artwork here:
Process gif of my illustration for the Save the children video that Unit9 (where I work) made. I created a ground to paint onto that shows through to he final painting using photos from the conflict in Syria. 
You can see the rest of my work and the final jpeg here:
Painting I did at work to commemorate unit9s video for Save The Children reaching over 30million views. 
Tried some colour on an old line drawing. Don’t know how I feel about it…
A quick illustration that I drew for a 20 min warmup short story I wrote. Random words that inspired it were Canavalia and Gleety  (I guess thats the title.)
She walked.
It was strange how her naked body looked so normal as she stepped over the pipes left disregarded in the old building site. Her clothes sat behind him a little ways, she had tried to conceal them slightly under some weeds. The raspy kind that didn’t sting you, but made your skin itch and turn red.
She could not see him.
He had followed her partially out of instinct partially out of a wish to discover something that he could get her in trouble for. His sister was older than him and liked to remind him of that at every chance she got . When he had first seen her start to undress, he had almost laughed - imagining how much trouble he was going to get her in. Their father was very protective of her,  always warning her about what men wanted to do to her and how dangerous it was to show too much skin.
She didn’t seem to notice the evening cold.
It was one of those cool, sunny, autumn afternoons. All the shadows had a blue hue to them and the grey concrete and loose stones seemed as pale blue as the horizon sky. The itchy weeds shot up everywhere through the broken concrete and loose piles of filler soil. She walked through them with confidence, the plants brushing her legs seemed not to bother her.
She was going somewhere or looking for something.
She stepped behind a half finished wall. He waited a bit, the flat skyline of white, similar-looking houses extended behind him. This spot felt different, it was forgotten about, somehow far away from the street he had come from. Hearing nothing, he crept up to the wall in preparation to peak around, he felt like an intruder.
She sat there, on the old white concrete. Patches of the pale dust clung to her skin where it had contacted the ground. 
A slow strong gust of wind forced a bow onto the weeds and vegetation surrounding her. 
He shivered
Life studies in watercolour. Need more practice.